shell extension: resize function works not as expected

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shell extension: resize function works not as expected

Postby thor.a » Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:51 am


I have a question concerning the resize function of xnview shell extenion 3.2.0:

I want to resize my example image (500 x 300, EXIF orientation: top left) to a smaller
image with width=250. I do want to reach this width for sure, so I specify a much bigger value for
the height, e.g. height=500. When I use theses values in xnview shell extension...:

function "convert...":
resize: defined size 250 x 500

... I get a result image with 416 x 250.

My question is: Why don't I get a result image with 250 x 151? Altering the
options of the shell extension (e.g. use EXIF rotation) has no effect.

The example image is here:

Thank you for any explanation of this resizing behavior!

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