8BF & RGBA (Déjà vu)

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8BF & RGBA (Déjà vu)

Postby XnTriq » Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:00 am

Test image: http://www.xnview.com/wiki/logo.png

XnTriq (Unexpected results when applying plug-in filters) wrote:Some Adobe Photoshop compatible 8BF plug-in filters produce different outcome in conjunction with XnView as compared to other programs like Paint Shop Pro:

  1. Download the freebie plug-in collection (1.75 MB) from Flaming Pear's web site.
  2. Extract the following files from the ZIP archive to the folder where you keep your filters:
    • Swap Green and Blue-120.8bf
    • Swap Red and Blue-120.8bf
    • Swap Red and Green-120.8bf
  3. Open an image in XnView, apply one of the mentioned filter effects to it (they don't have any options to choose from) and save the result in a lossless format.
  4. Repeat the steps described in #3 on the same image with a program other than XnView.
  5. Compare the two results.
  6. Scratch your head.

See also: Bug in 8bf plugin support (and crash)
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