Take out "Supplemental Categories" for IPTC

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Take out "Supplemental Categories" for IPTC

Postby Dominius » Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:46 am

IPTC-NAA deprecated them in 2005 and advises caution in using them. Another page I've read (couldn't find it on Google, sorry) says the "SupCats" tag has been merged with the "Keywords" tag and renamed "Subject" (like its XMP counterpart).

Of course, I wouldn't expect it to be removed from both the Windows-native and MP versions of the app, but I think we can get ahead of the game (2005? We're already behind!) by excluding it in future versions of MP. Unless more than a few users think it should be kept since they often use it. I used to until I lost a couple of bash scripts that allowed me to match a set of SupCats with a set of Keywords; now I just use Keywords (which from time to time I must still rewrite as XMP Subject, even in 0.86 i386).


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