Linux: "tools -> open with" : Gimp problems

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Linux: "tools -> open with" : Gimp problems

Postby forest_bear59 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:07 am


I have installed xnviewmp (0.86, 64 bit version) on two of my systems (Arch Linux, almost identical in respect to installed software and configuration). After customizing xnviewmp to start gimp I have found out, that every system has a problem, but different problems!

The first system starts gimp easily, but the plugin-collection "G'mic-Qt" crashes. If gimp is started before xnviewmp then invoking gimp via the 'tools' dialog naturally needs not to start gimp any more, but pictures are handed over to gimp correctly and G'mic-Qt works flawlessly.
(Can it be a problem with Qt? G'mic-Qt runs here with version 5.9.1).

Notification: installing an xnviewmp version which uses system libraries solves the G'mic problem.

On the other system gimp does not start when I try - but xnviewmp is cutomized identically to computer #1. If I start gimp before xnviewmp, no data arrives at the gimp instance. It does show no reaction.

I don't expect You to find easily the cause of this 'wierd' behaviour, but maybe You have an idea how I can search for the reason. Invoking via command line helps not that much as I thought; using tools like 'strace' should be no problem, but You eventually can get lost in the enormous output not knowing if You may find the needle in the haystack.

Thank You in advance for any idea.

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