0.84: No format colours in Detail view and Dark Theme

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0.84: No format colours in Detail view and Dark Theme

Postby helmut » Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:27 pm

Note: Problem was mentioned by Erixx haxx, see topic 0.83: Format colors isn't working for custom file extensions.

XnView: MP 0.84 - 32 bit
OS: Windows - 32 bit

There's no format colour in views "Detail" and "Detail + Thumbnails" when using Dark Theme

Effect: Unexpected behaviour

To reproduce:
1. Start XnView and set theme to "Dark Theme" (Browser: View » Theme » Dark Theme)
2. To (fully) apply the theme restart XnView
3. Activate format colours (Tools » Settings | Brower » File list | Format Colours)
4. In browser switch the view to "Detail" (Browser: View » View As » Details)
Actual behaviour (bug): Format colours aren't displayed in view mode "Details" :bug:

Expected behaviour: Format colours should work in "Details" view

- The problem affects both "Detail" view and "Detail + Thumbnail" view.
- When usinig Default theme the format colours are displayed in "Details" view and "Details + Thumbnails" view.
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