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Re: 0.82: Constantly hangs when viewing videos (20.000+ videos)

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:03 am
by B.Douille
Hi Pierre sorry for the delay.

I realised I used a completely new .ini file whereas I used to save mine before deploying a new version. Here is the feedback.

The issue described comes when the option "useInternalVideoPlayer" is set to true and this is by default on any new installation :(
On my own copy of the .ini file this parameter is set to fasle and i've forgotten it's existence over time.

On 2 machines (Windows 7 64 bits) I changed the parameter in the .ini file to useInternalVideoPlayer=false. Then I updated or installed K-Lite Codec Pack (Basic is enough) and and it was good. It looks like the way forward with this version of Windows.
On another machine (Windows 10 64 bits) now it works fine with the option =true. Don't ask why it fixed by itself (?!). Maybe I did something like uninstalling QuickTime. Also I cleaned my own .ini file because it still had the parameter useQtav but I can't tell that this changed just after one or another action. Sorry.

To me it's solved, stable