DXF file preview through XnShell ?

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DXF file preview through XnShell ?

Post by Goulu »

I installed XnShell 64 bits hoping to be able to preview DXF (old ASCII version) in Windows Explorer.
I can see the XnShell shell extension when right-clicking bitmap images (.png or whatever), but not on .dxf s and they are not thumbnailed or previewed.
I tried to download cadimageplugin.zip from http://fr.cadsofttools.com/products/plu ... _programs/ and uncompressed it in the C:\Program Files (x86)\XnView\ShellEx directory, but it didn't help ...
What I'm I missing ?

Thanks !
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Re: DXF file preview through XnShell ?

Post by cday »

Goulu wrote:What I'm I missing ?
Do you have Ghostscript installed, x64 if you are using XnShell 64 bits?

I'm not sure, but DXF is a vector format which has to be rasterised, so might be a possibility...
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