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XnView on HP iPAQ 314

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:27 am
by iPAQler

I knew the topic, but I don't have problems to install, so I started a new thread.

At first some informations:
- Normally the HP-own OS starts while booting up the iPAQ 314, so if you want access the WinCE 5.0 undelaying, you have to insert a SD-card (not SDHC!) with a programm called CELauncher.exe For this case I renamed a copy of TotalCommanderCE.
- It is imortant to install XnView in the 'ResidentFlash' ! Not in 'Program Files', because that is a temporary folder created by teh system every time when booting up.

So after starting XnView Pocket, it looks like the first attached picture: XnView doesn't use the whole desktop and there is no menu bar and a exit-button.

The second picture shows one of the files afte double tipping on a thumbnail - there are no buttons to go to the next picture or to return to the overview - I found out that I can click on the left lower conrer of the display for this.

Does XnView not properly work with the high resolution of the iPQA 314?