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Messed up .png display

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 1:29 am
by Cruncher
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Using xnview 1.70 on Ubuntu 6.10 (Linux x86).

With the Ubuntu-Installation comes a file in ~/Examples which is not displayed correctly. According to GIMP it has no additional layers but is a 4channel pic (RGBA).
(The alpha channel is not displayed, too, but I guess this is just 1.70 - there is no "Show Mask" in any of the menues)

Is this known? Or is this just because it's 1.70?

original image:

snapshot of how Xnview displays it:


BTW (shameless plug...): Recently I took a deep look at MANY image viewers/browsers/organizers, and XnView is by FAR the best and most useful of them indeed! (haven't tried any commercial viewers, though, and I personally don't like GIMP very much)
Keep on the good work!