Difficult to find answer to a problem

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Difficult to find answer to a problem

Post by hbhde »

when a new user of Xnview is joining the forum, and is searching for an answer of is problem,

the first step is to verify the search results.

- what are the outdated information, so what are the resolved problems of old Xnview versions, that doesn`t matter today,

- and what are the actual problem solutions ?

It`s very hard, to navigate through the seaarch results, without knowing that.
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Re: Difficult to find answer to a problem

Post by helmut »

Thanks, hbhde, for joining the forum and informing about the problems you experience. I guess other forum visitors might run into similar problems.

Forum search
Using the forum search before posting a problem is a very good idea. It can be hard to find the right info, though. If there are too many hits, please reduce the number of hits by setting the option 'Display results as': (o) Topics and/or specify more keywords in the search. Also it's a good idea to search specific forums, only, by selecting specific forums in the "Search in forums:" list. E.g. if you search for support for XnView MP, you select 'XnView - Multiplatform' and then perform your search.

No solution found?
If you could not find helpful info and/or your problem persists, do not hesitate to start a new topic. Make sure to choose the right forum for posting your new topic. Moderators and contributors will browse the forum and point you to other topics in case your problem is discussed, already.

I hope this helps you and other people in their search for a solution a bit.