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renaming dialog window too short.

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2006 6:47 pm
by loth

(browser-mode, pressing F2 and having options set to [x] use dialog to rename file)

is it possible to enlarge/resize the rename window to fit the filename?

this would be very nice, because until now, long filenames are always shown truncated:

an example:

WWW_WURLITZER_WASTELAND_Plasticolf_Pasticche_WARMELADE_blalba |jpg
is shown as:
WWW_WURLITZER_WASTELAND_Plasticolf_Pastic |jpg
STELAND_Plasticolf_Pasticche_WARMELADE_blalba |jpg

another example:

Copy of 20061210_img2986_hollyday-my first visit to mannheim, germany, blafaselstreet|jpg
is shown as:
Copy of 20061210_img2986_hollyday-my first visit to ma |jpg
lyday-my first visit to mannheim, germany, blafaselstreet |jpg

which means, the user has to scroll everytime to an unseen region, to rename the file.
nowadays, long filenames are very common and popular, so resizing the rename box to fit long filenames could improve xnview's usability.

also most displays today have a screensizte >800x600, so enlarging the dialog-box to i.e. the double size would not harm anyone ;-)