md5sum for download files

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md5sum for download files

Post by klapperstorch »

a list of md5sums of the download files would be nice for checking of correct and untampered download.
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Re: MD5

Post by DOS386 »

klapperstorch wrote:list of md5
Right :-)
There is indeed no WinZIP under my rock.
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Post by RGBA »

I guess he was talking about something like this.

A16DD03FAC3A3296CE8B98E3ADF92110 - GflAxLightSetup.exe
36710F0887B6C6F2B898FD879E4AEEF2 -
2F63AB117C88EE27DBD811A6ACDA8B80 - GflAxSetup.exe
6C9659179015B090BB6857934F1B71D1 -
D7AE9874827F19D2940F65745FD15F40 - GflSDK-BeOS-x86.tar.gz
5B7C8F6CCC40D2210FA7F403CD96A1F1 - GflSDK-FreeBSD5-x86.tgz
51B316E9B5D089B9C0575D8F21D92EE8 - GflSDK-Irix-mips.tgz
A5A848E623D74A9397B64C63267A22BE - GflSDK-Linux64-x86.tgz
125DCF22D4540A7317803A557B6F5882 - GflSDK-Linux-x86.tgz
642CEE77822AA8A7774D7D49C4626381 - GflSDK-Linux-x86-gcc3.rpm
FBE6648DF335AE05471A83B34304A23A - GflSDK-Linux-x86-gcc3.tgz
A9D03EBC640D2AE34F8428E717131A46 - GflSDK-MacOSX.tgz
8D1A4DF6B64914DD764DF5E3A700B4F4 - GflSDKSetup.exe
5AEE36A289A1C9D186484459DF97C87E - GflSDK-Solaris-sparc.tgz
BC9B9F4F43DC1F51F87B32CF3C5EC1CA -
25B089ECF38D34316056ED3BF50B1109 - NConvert-64-unknown-linux2.x.tgz
80966E3CDAF453C60D2F52CBD2869C2B -
B39FF1A610FE696CA648E84153E04653 -
4AE0CBC912E33247EA0A16A3089403E9 - NConvert-macosx.tgz
E6221FC2EC9298A36F1FE108E0A58CA2 -
6EEF8434BFAF88F6103B61A7376CFC05 -
19F2D035D0FE451BABD630113EA03160 -
972A7D960C64D8F94E6257CFF5E45457 - NConvert-x86-unknown-FreeBSD4.x.tgz
D186D05BBC19CA3362E8D30DE010533D - NConvert-x86-unknown-FreeBSD6.x.tgz
1FB98D1B62A58956C766A6EDD0BD686D - NConvert-x86-unknown-linux2.x.tgz
EE735AD6D87D9F40ABBA2BD3AD192866 -
54BCEBCA4E6F42439C5320960A08482F -
0DB76ABC6EA64D0BAA60FAB6C78912F5 -
D87A76A9F0A340669B07C6D2DD2B310D - xnpocket_arm.exe
A68F66FA074B28F8162ED438396C9E53 -
DBE7AA279C53F13C765D0CA4BB42A4C2 - xnpocket_arm_fr.exe
3AF98F7643F843B6823640D3D5CAC477 -
671FC3BEECC9C144B19AA1001883A13B - xnpocket_mips.exe
8C5F227599FB1E9473AFCFA1B0B38F94 -
F01AB04BA1C3C5E36E94F98581FDE209 - xnpocket_mips_fr.exe
E2BDBA1C51BAE47564028F49BC5B822C -
06FDF7CFD80954A0092FA7BDD4CA368E - xnpocket_sh3.exe
D84244F3F22AB951A4A0065581A75B1A -
E84F1DEB3D8D63800BAB7789DEC94464 - xnpocket_sh3_fr.exe
DB0E790AF47B962E0ABC8ECCF8F5D668 -
17AACBC4AD1EEF5F825198FFCABB629C - xnpocket_xscale.exe
084F70F084F451A5690ACEE8563D3068 -
AEA4BB5F135C985EF7D8C2B2D96DE58F - xnpocket_xscale_fr.exe
66BA2836D3408D96BD46C5F0FCC1C177 - XnShellEx.exe
903294B67A13928983FEB4243B99D0E3 -
0D5009CEDD81932DD9480E2795513339 - XnShellEx64.exe
6F1A7BB747E4796A7BF9ACC508CACBB4 -
A44C21D68C9610AD4A3659988982B55A -
45CF103971642C4ECA5E9A64EB702EF7 -
2289813DB7CDEC44ED39444D18DC379C - XnView U3.exe
9AAFD2B8A8FC39FC2CF416A54D82BC84 - XnView.i386.rpm
F81541DC6C62DEC78CE1EC5BB82BDA79 - XnView.u3p
1F86E5E97F11D62736BD865A1705A8B0 - XnView-app-macosx-10.4.tgz
CF699A13DFFE438528A4EA1F504DA9CA - XnView-hppa-hp-hpux11.x.tgz
41DB880E9E70C4E2F9420BEFBB9A08BF -
46FC20CE3EEAC88F7CB00E6569006ABD - XnView-macosx-10.4.tgz
1BC5FF29C3297C5D0D27428213E5E293 -
33446FEFE6FAD859129B7F09289FB1B1 - XnView-mips-sgi-irix5.tardist
5F4732C60095A5663E31354FFEB1DFA4 - XnView-mips-sgi-irix5.x.tgz
1D914981C0390886F3FA4531DC1B420B - XnView-mips-sgi-irix6.tardist
135C06BD04EAC07F7F2CFE7F72DC8CF5 - XnView-mips-sgi-irix6.x.tgz
9BC2A4BBF4FFBE3C46728B5BCE71E00D - XnView-openmotif2.2.i386.rpm
5757AE09F90EAB926750814222F124C6 - XnView-powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.tgz
004D7C1ECD7DE7BA372AC3AAE6CDEDF9 - XnView-sparc-sun-solaris2.x.tgz
5748214C75111C31DA2F3DFF754B6E65 - XnView-static.i386.rpm
A38E5F562AF20D27FF8CF90CDCD08E38 - XnView-static-fc4.i386.rpm
E7393DDBE2E3D094E764CCCDE0942DAE - XnViewU3.exe
7218E603BFB1468AE1E5686692DD6FEC -
86BEC5A3CFC48BC38741863F1F252B61 - XnView-win.exe
A4701C1DC1516FC43E9C51B8D40A20A7 -
EF002474740EBD552A0A9F8B35A675D8 - XnView-win-de.exe
B77562A39055BE6E209A6093D718DEF4 - XnView-win-en.exe
F4B5B0CD887664E081850A5465741E37 - XnView-win-fr.exe
82FE91FAFE2A6E987BC016E0304DA2D0 - XnView-win-full.exe
95460BF25D120786430A541E7E4A86A2 - XnView-win-full-de.exe
9A154A4D00337E3673276DC8CF0ACD72 - XnView-win-full-fr.exe
BCC038F560F8C0FE757E00E067E98747 - XnView-win-plugins.exe
BED710B652E99C897F194A3D12C176AD -
203009D579E1F94C0D66384BD75EF2BA - XnView-win-small.exe
BC2B99E661975B1B25F7A480DA93AA01 -
7B19DF7A2C5339AB6C84A33011CDAD64 - XnView-x86-unknown-FreeBSD4.x.tgz
75BD0F88A6918E7AD38617ECBE99EFB4 - XnView-x86-unknown-FreeBSD4.x-pkg.tgz
34C7C3F334EC6AF73B735266350003E3 - XnView-x86-unknown-FreeBSD4.x-pkg-static.tgz
44AF50CEFCB49E397FD02B74639B23E5 - XnView-x86-unknown-FreeBSD4.x-static.tgz
F0CD7EF36E88EA15695FD983D9CB7E2F - XnView-x86-unknown-FreeBSD5.x-pkg-static.tgz
A6CBB30E84970F7CE2331F0840663358 - XnView-x86-unknown-FreeBSD5.x-static.tgz
81C44A84F5183F67512EA8069548D185 - XnView-x86-unknown-linux2.x.tgz
9D10566B6CAAEE0D9AD9286A426E18A4 - XnView-x86-unknown-linux2.x-openmotif2.2.tgz
D3E05DA55E5881FF17A2C934257DB72F - XnView-x86-unknown-linux2.x-static.tgz
B5AB466EB572A6EA429A9C579644E582 - XnView-x86-unknown-linux2.x-static-fc4.tgz
C8C6F7012FD45FFABC2AF914C8D19CE3 - XnView-x86-unknown-NetBSD1.x-pkg-static.tgz
4EA5EAF56893B5D8AEC81BFA1952C738 - XnView-x86-unknown-NetBSD1.x-static.tgz
14984F721C041364C9789B50019FC0D0 - XnView-x86-unknown-OpenBSD3.x-pkg-static.tgz
AFCACED8CF750CC793264CE04969FEBE - XnView-x86-unknown-OpenBSD3.x-static.tgz
C4111F8F387768D2F29D9F7F5ED9104A - XnView-x86-unknown-solaris8.x.tgz
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Post by klapperstorch »

RGBA wrote:I guess he was talking about something like this.

A16DD03FAC3A3296CE8B98E3ADF92110 - GflAxLightSetup.exe
..... etc. .....
C4111F8F387768D2F29D9F7F5ED9104A - XnView-x86-unknown-solaris8.x.tgz
Is there a URL where I can ALWAYS find the md5sums of the actual distribution?
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Post by RGBA »

New sums only for the last updated files (v1.95 final):
; MD5 sums generated by FileCheckMD5 version


P.S.: For missing files check the upper post.
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Post by klapperstorch »

Thank you. Please continue this service in future.
Suggestion: Make users aware of the MD5SUMs by a remark on the download page. The user may then save a pointer to this forum in his bookmarks for calling it when he needs it.
Warning: A direct link from the download page would not be a good idea because a faked download page could also link to a faked forum with faked md5sums.

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Post by RGBA »

The currently used files are only from

But I understand your fear about faked files,
that why I'd already tested a few with several freeware hoster
like or other and they had the same hashes. :D

I'll see, if there is a chance for a better information.
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Post by klapperstorch »

A one-time test of the files on different download sites is no guarantee that not in the next 5 minutes a link to a download site becomes a fake. I must be able to check myself after I have downloaded.
So, what is needed, is an independent information (independent from the download site) naming the place where I can find the md5sums.
And these md5sums must be generated by someone who has direct access to the original program files. A checksum, generated for a program file that has already been retrieved via the internet, is of no use, because this program might be infected already.

In fact: a PGP/GnuPG signature file would be even better than md5sum. It could be provided together with the program file on the download site. A hacker who usurps the download site is able to infect the program with a virus, but he cannot provide a valid GPG/GnuPG signature file for the program file because he does not have the private/secret key of the program author.

Regards, klapperstorch
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Post by RGBA »

If you are refer to a MD5 collisions:
Yes, it is technical possible, but just in very rare cases.

I surely know about how to signature files, but at least I would be the only one,
that would do it and you're the only one, who would need.
You maybe forget the possible more work behind. Not at least, for all hosted files.

Come on, everbody should know where loading files
or don't be surprised, if a critical error happens (like virii, spyware).
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