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web page create "follow orientation" ?

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 11:31 am
by loth
hello, xn 1.95.4

in the web page create dialogue, something like "follow orientation (switch W/H)" is missing.
xn creates always fixed thumbs of i.e. 320x200 and never 200x320, if the original image has a vertical orientation (or was is the other way, horizontal?) anyway, i hope, you get the point: orientation isnt adjustet to the thumbs.

would be great if this option is coming, otherwise the thumbs look ugly if not proportional resized.


EDIT: i found out, that this semms only to appear with the "compressed [silver]" template.

now, the name "compressed" makes sense, but its still not very intuitive.

why does the template affect the thumbnail-settings ? seems not obvious and unreal to me.

any ideas?