scrolling to fit to thumbnail size

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scrolling to fit to thumbnail size

Post by darrask » Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:18 am

It would be nice, when scrolling down the thumbnails in the main window view, to have the scrolling work by increments just equal to the thumbnails size. It means that one mouse scroll or click on the scrollbar arrow should go up and down exactly one or more thumbnail rows. What's important is that it is useless to have only parts of the thumbnails visible, but that's almost always the case:


It would add to the feeling that Xnview runs seamlessly and smoothly and is a reliable program, what usually only commercial, rounded-out software can offer.
I would go even further and make partial thumbnail rows disappear to clean the main window, to have only a definite number of complete thumbnail rows visible at anytime.

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Re: scrolling to fit to thumbnail size

Post by JohnFredC » Sun Apr 05, 2009 1:45 pm

I would personally prefer that the number of thumbs that fit the width of the thumb panel be an integer number... that way there is no wasted space. One method of doing that would be to vary the thumb size according to how they fit in the horizontal space (a la Lightroom). Perhaps in a future version.

On the other hand, I very much appreciate the "partial thumbs" approach to the vertical spacing and presentation of the thumbs (which I think you are objecting to). The reason is that showing partial thumbs at the top and bottom of the scrolling panel (which you have circled in your graphic) helps keep the user aware of where (in relationship to the hidden thumbs above and below) the currently displayed thumbs are. The partial thumbs show both that there are more thumbs (currently hidden, above and below) and also which ones to expect will scroll into view next.

Please do not change this important "human factors" aspect of XnView.

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