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suggestion : autorefresh frequency

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:48 am
by deejjjaaaa
suggestion : autorefresh frequency

TOOLS -> OPTIONS -> BROWSER -> BROWSER -> [ ] Auto Refresh

right now (XnView v1.97 B3) it is a check box : either on or off -> make it a check box with an input field to setup a frequency, I mean I want to be able to setup a refresh once every so many seconds... the reason - for example I am browsing a folder and at the same time C1 is working on a raw conversion where the output (.tiff) goes into the same folder, as a result I have a very frequent annoying "flickering" while XnView tries to refresh the content of the folder while C1 is not done yet and so XnView can't render the thumbnails of a tiff file...