"Properties" window needs 'upgrade.'

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"Properties" window needs 'upgrade.'

Post by Silversleeves »

Hoping this will prompt some looking-into.

In my install of XnView Windows 1.96/libformat 1.3.0, the IPTC tab of this window (accessed via Alt+Enter) tends to "catch ghosts" of custom fields created in iView Media Pro/MS Expression Media that no other application or utility I use can see in the file, displaying these "deja-vu" (in the sense of: seen before or already seen) fields with the customary four question-marks preceding the text.

Which brings me to my next point of contention with the "Properties" window in Viewer as currently incarnated: no XMP tab. One should not have to go into the Browser, find a JPEG file with a little rectangle that marks the presence of an XMP packet in the file, then click on it and click on the XMP tab at the bottom of the Browser window to see what the XMP data is all about. GUI apps like Adobe Photoshop and the aforementioned iView/MS Expression Media invariably put an XMP packet into any and every JPEG the user happens to use "Save as" or "Save" (Photoshop) or "Sync Annotations" (from the Action menu in Expression Media or iView).

We ought to be able to view this data from the Properties window, which is common to the Viewer and Browser alike. If it's at all possible, add the tab that appears when XMP data is detected in a file to the Properties window as well.

As for the "ghost" IPTC fields? I'm open to suggestions.

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