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[REQ.] Create TIFF with 1.80 RC2 …

Posted: Sun May 22, 2005 1:35 am
by Clo
>> Pierre
:) Hello Pierre!

- The creation of a multi-page TIFF is still disrupted by a non-image file, like I told in this old thread
• Most certainly, we have now a couple of buttons to shift a marked file in the list of the selected file, but this is not handy, specially when the non-image is i.e. the 70 th. in a list containing 260 files… A loooong while to get the last bottom-position!
• Hence, I think that a supplemental button “Skip this file“ or "Ignore this file” should be welcome… There is room enough on the dialogue.
- It's tedious too to skip such an undesirable file when selecting the others, while we have a big amount of files to choose.
¤ What do you think ?

:mrgreen: K R