Request for Thumbnails in Batch Rename and Slide Show

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Request for Thumbnails in Batch Rename and Slide Show

Post by JohnFredC »

My wife and I recently photographed a wedding. We used three different cameras, 5 memory cards, and took literally hundreds of pictures.

Problem was, each camera was inadvertently set to a different time and one camera was even set to the wrong date.

After the wedding, the only way to determine the temporal sequence (which image came first, etc.) of those photos was to personally inspect each image individually and give each one a sequential number. Because there were so many images, the file renaming activity took several hours. I was able to speed things up a little by creating several "sorting" folders and dragging thumbnails into them, but the effort was still big.

It was essentially too time consuming to use the XNView Batch rename tool because for each image I would have had to refer to another screen showing the thumbnails just to identify which image a certain filename referred to.

I could find no software that would allow me to drag image thumbnails into a sequence and then rename the files in the new sequence with an incrementing counter.

My several hours of effort could have been greatly reduced if the XNView batch rename dialog allowed thumbnail display in addition to filename display.

If it did, I could have dragged the thumbnails around into the sequence I wanted, then instructed the dialog to rename them in that sequence.

This function (thumbnails in the Batch dialog) would also be very helpful in the Slideshow dialog as well.