Specific Monitor That You Want

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Specific Monitor That You Want

Post by tatsujin » Sat Apr 26, 2014 8:10 pm

Hello. I've tried several options available at hand and none of them work. I have three monitors. The middle is my main one. The right side is the one I use the most. The left side is my Cintiq 22HD Touch which I only draw on and when I don't I have it empty with wallpapers rotation on it (all my monitors do that anyways). When I do FULLSCREEN or SLIDESHOW it always goes to my left monitor (the Cintiq 22HD) and that is seriously not helpful. If I'm serfing the net or I want to play a game and sometimes I'd like to look at some pictures I want them to be on my right side. It always goes to the left side when I do this.

Is there a possibility to update this or add a feature to choose which monitor you want? If I have missed this please let me know. I've literally wasted 3 hours on this program and cannot do it the way I want it to be.

Appreciate it.

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Re: Specific Monitor That You Want

Post by timoteo » Mon May 26, 2014 8:07 pm

Ditto ... sort of. I have three monitors and want it to go to my left monitor, but it always goes to my third (video widescreen monitor, which is normally OFF). Is there not a simple option to choose which monitor for full screen?

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Re: Specific Monitor That You Want

Post by bob_mulder99 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:27 pm

Yes, this is something I would really appreciate as well. I have 4 monitors and I use the right one for previews.
New versions of XNVIEW appear to behave differently, but what I did succesfully in the past (doesn't seem to work right now) is to disable the other 2 monitors and start up a few XNVIEW sessions from my non pre-viewing monitor. XNVIEW then automatically used my preview monitor for previewing, and within one session remembered that configuration even if I enabled the other monitors and dragged XNVIEW to these new monitors. It would keep using the same previewing screen.

The current version (2.22) immediately falls back to the 'old' preview after enabling the other monitors. Dragging XNVIEW to ohter monitors switches to another preview monitor, but alas, it chooses ANY monitor EXCEPT my preferred preview monitor!
With the other monitors disabled it even once started the preview on the SAME monitor instead of using my preferred monitor.

With my new W7 installation I was lucky that XNVIEW automatically choose my preferred preview monitor. But after moving my computer and reconnecting the monitors (on different display ports) it got screwed up again. Even switching to the 'correct' display ports didn't change the outcome. I'll try a reboot and see if that changes anything.

Best Regards, Bob

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