XnShell 3.5.1: User interface - 'Set as Wallpaper'

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XnShell 3.5.1: User interface - 'Set as Wallpaper'

Post by helmut »

To verify the German translation I've played around with XnShell a bit. It's nice but has minor inconsistencies in the user interface.

A first suggestion:

Menu "Set Wallpaper as": Order and naming of menu items
Currently, the labels and order of the menu "Set Wallpaper as" differ to XnView Classic and MP. I'd suggest to change the labels and the order to make this consistent.

XnShell 3.5.1 - Current menu

XnShell - Suggestion

The order of the menu items has changed, but also some labels:
Set Wallpaper as --> Set as Wallpaper
Mosaic --> Tiled
Fit to desktop --> Fit to Desktop