View and edit individual Color Channels

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View and edit individual Color Channels

Post by zafio »


It would be really useful for game artists to be able to view and edit individual color channels.

Right now we can use M key to view the alpha (mask) channel of a texture, so I would suggest to use R, G and B keys to view their respective color channels.

A common use for example would be to invert just the green channel of a normal map.

Usability wise, for a single image, it should be as simple as:

- open image
- press G key to view the green channel
- CTRL+I key to invert (negative)
- CTRL+S to save

Also, support for batch processing should be also present. I would expect to find individual R,G,B,A checkboxes in the parameters section of each transformation type (where applicable).

I would be willing to pay for these features, let me know if it is possible.

Thanks for your attention, and keep it up!