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(big) photo to (more) DIN-A 4, for to save and to send

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:25 pm
by visionhelp

once I want to say a big THANK YOU for this very great software.
And the business model with, too.

Perhaps existing, perhaps posted, I do not know, sorry.

Smaller pics than DIN-A4 are to put easily to one DIN-A4 site, I think. I did not needed it, I do not know.

I want a bigger photo than DIN-A4 put into more sites of/as DIN-A4, therefor I do not have to resize the photo to a smaller pic.
A photo with the size of about 2 and half real DIN-A4 sites I want to put to this real DIN-A4 sites for to save it in this size.

Perhaps this helps to explain it further:
this needs a fix DIN-A4 size frame, with which I can select the part of the big photo to take out the part for one, and an other, and an other, DIN-A4 pages.

I do not have a FAX-device. So I want to make a photo and take from there the DIN-A4 sites, as the size I need them, to send them as attachment, as an alternative to the FAX.

Thanks for attention.

Re: (big) photo to (more) DIN-A 4, for to save and to send

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:53 pm
by xnview
you want to split the image into 2 A4 images?

Re: (big) photo to (more) DIN-A 4, for to save and to send

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:36 pm
by visionhelp
To split ... ?
Into 2 ... ?

Ok. No.

For example:
From 3 DIN-A4 pages make one photo, or better 3 single photos.

From these photos I want to get the 3 DIN-A4 pages out, on the PC, for to send as attachment with email. This for to print and have as near as a copy. And as near to a FAX as possible it has to be this DIN-A4 page.
I do not want to use a FAX-device, and no scanner-device.

From this photo, all except the DIN-A4 page, must be cutable.

For this the fix DIN-A4 frame, and the photo to zoom in and out, for the perfect DIN-A4 page.
Similar as the function "Screen Capture", but with that fix DIN-A4 frame defined.

The photo needs to be rotatable. And, I think, movable. Once, with the frame, and without, not the rotate, but the move.

And in addition, a zoom in and out with getting bigger and smaller the DIN-A4 frame with.
(I think I need a drawing.)

Perhaps hide this thread until this function exists, therefor others can not steal this idea.

Surely it depends on the source (the photographed pic) whether the result is readable.
This may require the fulfill of some conditions of making a photo of a DIN-A4 page.

Re: (big) photo to (more) DIN-A 4, for to save and to send

Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:36 pm
by visionhelp
I did following:

a photo of a A4-document.
Open it and cut out to the only needed of this A4-document.
The print function for to view the size of what is in the A4 size.
Surprising, it was ready A4-sized.

The quality for readable was not so good.
The next photo so with a bigger solution.
But, then fitting into DIN-A4 ?
At next opportunity I will test this.