need help for fonts in slideshows

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need help for fonts in slideshows

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I'd like to use a font different from "Arial" in a slideshow. So i load an existing slideshow, select the font "Courier New", start the show and it works well. But as soon as i save and reload it the font looks like "Arial" again :( .
The same happens when i start the slideshow from the command line.
The sld-file has a line 'FontName = "Courier New"' and this is the only FontName-Entry.
Switching text color or size works well.
I tried several other common fonts as well - the same behaviour.
I'm using V1.96 on WinXP.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: need help for fonts in slideshows

Post by marsh »

Confirmed. It doesn't use chosen font.