Selecting more than one image

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Selecting more than one image

Post by duane »

Under instructions to "Create Contact Sheets":

"How To Create a Contact Sheet of your Images:
1.Open the XnView Browser.
2.Go to the directory containing the image files.
3.Select the images you want to create a contact sheet for.
4.Select the menu item ToolsCreate Contact Sheet... or the symbol . The Create Contact Sheet dialog is displayed:"

Under item 3 above, how do you select more than one image.When I select a second image, it replaces the first one I chose.
Many thanks.

Post by Guest »

dan answered my question in another post below:

his answer:
to access the contact sheet and printing multiple images, hold down control key while clicking on images, then right click "create contact sheet". you will then see a window that will ask for some sizing parameters. i start with 800x600 for page size. every thing else is up to your specs for what you need.

Thanks dan...much appreciated.