Lossless rotate question

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Re: Lossless rotate question

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Karl02 wrote:Perhaps it would be easier to avoid separate lossy and lossless JPEG transformation functions and use general JPEG transformation functions that work according to the options.

The options for the saving of transformed JPEG images should be in "General > Read/Write > JPEG > Transformation" and look as follows (default):

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Method for JPEG transformations (rotate/flip):
(*) Only change existing or add new EXIF orientation tag
( ) JPEG block transformation
      If not all JPEG blocks are transformable:
      ( ) Allow cropping of up to 15 pixels at the right and/or 
          lower border of the original image
      ( ) Keep all pixels of the original image
      ( ) Only change existing or add new EXIF orientation tag
      ( ) Perform a lossy rotation with recompressing the image
      (*) Ask user what to do
[X] Set EXIF orientation tag to "1" after JPEG block transformation  
[X] Create backup file
[ ] Keep original file modification date/time
I support this request! Great idea/solution, Karl :D