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Viewing colour channels

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2004 10:47 am
by Guest
Could a quick (preferably with a a keyboard shortcut) way of viewing colour channels independently be made available. I know you can now view the alpha channel (called the matte in xnview). It would be great if you could view red, green and blue independently also.


Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2004 4:23 am
by crazytb
Currently there is a way of doing that, but it isn't VERY quickly...
Image -> Adjust -> Brightness/Contrast/Color Balance
Then adjust the color sliders.
(I know you want a quick way, but I'm only showing a workaround for now.)

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2004 11:28 am
by angelman
yes thanks for that.. however really the idea is to be able to quickly flip between different colour channels.