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XnView 2.20 upgrade for Windows 2000

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2014 3:00 am
by omniplex
XnView 2.20 does not more officially support Windows 2000 and older Windows platforms. For others applications that typically means that some parts of newer versions might still work. For English/French/German installations apparently only five files were modified in version 2.20:
  • - XnView.exe
    - WhatsNew.txt
    - language\xnviewde.dll
    - language\xnviewfr.dll
    - addon\xmp.dll
  • 1: In your existing Program Files\XnView folder with version 2.13 create a new directory Backup.213, and move XnView.exe, WhatsNew.txt, the language folder, and addon\xmp.dll to Backup.213.
    2: Download the minimal ZIP package, extract it into a temporary folder, and delete it.
    3: Move XnView.exe, WhatsNew.txt, and the language folder to your existing Program Files\XnView folder.
    4: Move xmp.dll from the extracted addon to your existing Program Files\XnView\addon folder.
    5: Delete all remaining extracted files, and start XnView to check that it in fact still works. Otherwise you have the Backup.213 folder.
While at it you can also download (32bits), extract the updated (6.55, 2014-03) nconvert.exe, and replace any older nconvert.exe. On my box I have nconvert.exe in the XnView folder. Stay away from WhatsNew.txt in, it is for 2.13/6.50, not for 2.20/6.55. The same procedure can update the 64 bits binary, download (64bits) for this purpose. You can also update your Portable Apps (PAF) XnView version to 2.20, e.g., use the Portable Apps platform installer, or download the standalone PAF installer. It worked for me under Windows 7 (64bits) and Windows 2000.