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For plugins, addons -where is detailed info to see if needed

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 6:18 pm
by xnmen
Searching the site, I didn't find a page w/ detailed descriptions / feature list for addons & plugins.

A couple of links on this page lead to descriptions: , but most are to d/l them.

There are a lot of them - but for some, I have no idea if I'd ever use them. One could just install them all, then use what they need.
Except for the rule of thumb, "the more moving parts, the more there is to go wrong." That applies to most software, IME.

Can you pick individual addons / plugins to install from the d/l packages, or is it all or nothing?

Also, I see a separate d/l for all plugins, but not one for all addons. To get "all addons," do you have to d/l the extended XnView package?