MP4 displayed with sound only in preview and slideshow

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MP4 displayed with sound only in preview and slideshow

Post by slyarxon » Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:58 pm


I'm using XnView classic V2.45 with k-lite codec pack 14.3.0 on a windows 10 64 bits.

When using sld files to start a slideshow directly, I had a random issue where mp4 videos would only have sound and no image displayed. At that time strangely enough skipping the video and going back to it sometimes helped having a normal display. This issue did not occur much so I just ignored it until now.

Yesterday, I updated my graphics card driver (Nvidia 1080TI) from v388.13 to v398.36, and since then, this issue got permanent on every mp4 file I could find (for example: ... _bunny.mp4).

Here is a list of the strange issues I have when updating my GPU driver:
- MP4 videos have sound only on slideshows started from sld files (double clicking the sld file in my windows explorer)
- same behaviour is found with the preview display in the browser
- video plays correctly if opened inside xnview (same in full screen mode)
- when starting slide show from xnview, I have this weird behaviour:
- If a video was on the preview screen, all videos display correctly in the slideshow
- if anything else was on the preview screen, still the sound only issue

On the solution list, I tried:
- uninstalling xnview and the codec pack to install it again
- using the ffmpeg addon as I've seen some posts here about using it
- getting earlier Xnview versions (1.97 at earliest, and at least one 2.xx) issue still happens
- checking all visible parameter I had under xnview and slideshow, even got lost in codec parameters
- installing myself the MatroskaSplitter on top of the codec pack in case it was messed up (as i've seen some posts here about mp4 with audio only having that as a solution)
- summoning spirits with vodoo rituals -- at that point i don't know what to do

Looking at it seems the codec pack version I have is newer than the driver I was trying to install. When the issue first happened, I had an older version of the codec pack that I updated since. As this site gives updates on codec packs and drivers, I understand there is a link between these but can't put my finger on what's wrong...

I'm no codec expert, and I can't tell if the issue occurs at xnview level or lower, but I've been looking everywhere and only reverting the driver update fixes the issue. Does anyone have an idea of what I can try to be able to upgrade my driver and still get MP4 videos displaying ?

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Re: MP4 displayed with sound only in preview and slideshow

Post by xnview » Fri Aug 03, 2018 8:08 am

on a fresh window 10 x64, i have installed klite pack, and no issue with this mp4 file

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