Manouvering around XnView

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Manouvering around XnView

Post by UKPam »

Thanks for looking at my problem. When I am browsing my photo collection and press to go to the next photo I am sent to the OS folder which is no where near my photo collection. It is so annoying. How can I set it up differently. I am sure in the old days that I didn't have to set things up I just clicked the arrow for next photo and it would go to the next photo not to some folder a long way off. Any simple solution would be appreciated. Pam McD
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Re: Manouvering around XnView

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Hi Pam McD (-:

You open an image in the viewer an click the “Next file” button on the toolbar, corrrect?
Could you please elaborate on what you mean by “I am sent to the OS folder”? XnView jumps to an image in C:\WINDOWS\ or C:\WINDOWS\system32\?

Also: Which version of Windows are you running on?
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