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Problems with XnView and Windows 10

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:38 pm
by Francisca
I have recently bought a new laptop, which came with Windows 10. When I now edit a photo and save it, it appears edited on the browse page of XnView but when I want to send it to someone by e-mail or post on FB or another web page it is clearly not edited. If I go to my old laptop, with an older version of XnView nothing appears deleted there or edited! What can I do? And why does it appear as edited on your page while it is the same ”Tree” as on the other websites? We downloaded the latest version of XnView… or is it not compatible with Windows 10? Now I can't use all the photos I edited, which were quite a few and have to start all over again using my old laptop or find another photo editing software while I was reasonably happy with yours, but I need this photos edited… and I don't want to keep two laptops on my desk…