Original pathname and WMF resolution

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Original pathname and WMF resolution

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What does the option this option do: "For 'Save as', use the original pathname the first time". The way I understand it, it should go to the directory of the currently open file, which is what I want. But it does not do that. I don't get the meaning of "first time". The other option "use same original pathname & format" does do it, except that it also switches the format. Usually I use the same format for a set, and never the source format (as I'm converting or compressing). It is not that hard to select the desired format, but it seems that the first option should leave the previously selected format. But I see no effect from enabling this box.

Under General -> Read -> WMF we can select "High resolution". It has no effect. The dimensions of the picture do not change and it does not get oversampled. It would be nice if WMF's were rendered at a larger size, and anti-aliased. Clip art and logos tend to have too small dimensions and be too pixellated to be usable when rasterized. In a Word document this is not a problem, because we can stretch them as big as needed.