Interface questions and cosmetic suggestions

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Interface questions and cosmetic suggestions

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Edit IPTC and Edit XMP, lower right text field (image path). In Windows, I can see slash instead of standard backslash.
C:/directory/file.tif -> C:\directory\file.txt

[BUG?] Full screen floating views (top images stripe). Click on image rating/color is possible, but nothing changes. But click on "tag file" works fine.

[BUG?] Browser tooltip with long text in descript.ion. Tooltip contain (({Annotation})).
Rel. 0.99.6 behaviour: tooltip display the {Annotation}, but with long text the tooltip is larger as the screen.
Rel. 0.99.7 behaviour: tooltip wide is now correct. The {Annotation} works, but after program restart (huh?). But the {XMP:description} don't work. Is this use not the same as {XMP:description} in fullscreen?