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French translation

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 7:51 pm
by B.Douille
In Batch Rename, the translation of "Filename" is as simple as "Fichier".
Isn't it too short? Each time I want to use it I'm searching something where it's just in front of me :?
May I suggest "Nom de Fichier"?

"Repertoire" is also a bit confusing with "Nom du Dossier" where actually it means Full path and could be translated to "Chemin complet".
I just noticed that there is a similar issue in English actualy: Directory and Folder Name

Last is in the Tool Menu: "Extraire les images d'une animation" doesn't match "Extract Movie Frames". It may drive to a limitation to work on animated GIFs (that it doesn't do). Why not change it to "Extraire les images d'un fichier vidéo" or "Extraire les images d'un clip" to be consistent with other part of the application?

XnView 1.90 <x>

Support text---

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 9:53 pm
by Clo
:) Hi !

• There is a corrected French DLL where some issues in that painting are fixed up… Please, see on the French forum.

• However, whether you would wish a real improvement of the language, you could bring your support HERE.

• Besides, the programme being French on principle, I don't accept the word “Translation“ ! :P

:mrgreen: KR

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 11:21 pm
by B.Douille
I've found the DLL through the posts, 6th page. Not that easy as you are using RAR, which isn't freeware, where most uses ZIP as a standard.
As the DLL file had exactly the same size and date as the one from Beta 6 I was just to leave it there where :idea: I double checked with FC: there was some differences :o
Note: The German DLL is unchanged

So, back to my suggestions I can confirm that neither of my 3 proposals are included in the "corrected" DLL for beta 6.

I thank you for your proposal. I spent a lot of time through the (too) many posts, trying to understand the goal. I don't see the benefit to add mine for now.


UnRar is free

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 2:41 am
by Clo
—> B.Douille

:) Hello !
…Not that easy as you are using RAR, which isn't freeware, where most uses ZIP as a standard. …
• You missed the ship it seems, since WinRar has given a free licence some months ago during 24 hours
- it was hard to get because the rush on - but I got it…
- That version 3.51 is not upgradable, though…
- Moreover, using a good file manager, you can unrar archives, the most use the free UnRar.dll,
i.e. Total Commander and some others.
- XnView has that UnRar.dll now to use in the browser, but currently it's impossible to copy the displayed unpacked files, that I consider as -at least- a lacuna, and even as a :bug:
- Rar compresses much better than ZIP, the space is not illimited in my sites directories…
- SQX and 7Zip are free and equivalent to RAR about result, but less known.
- SQX is supported now by XnView, same remark than above about the copying… I use it with Total Commander via an excellent plug-in which supports also the encryption, solid archives etc. Pack and unpack, indeed…

• The original wording is by Pierre, and he expresses in (his) French that he implements… :|
- I have changed a lot of things, corrected pretty spelling mistakes, false or inexistant words, fixed up controls in dialogues, and to go further, we need of course another language system, easier to work with.
- Paul “Ouistiti”-friend an I have made templates, in which I corrected a lot of strings,
especially when the French wording mismatches too much the English one.
- Pierre has these templates. We hope he'll use that basis for the next major version 2.0, as announced…

- A last thought : IMHO, the English speakers are not very interested in this topic, it should be more logical and efficient to discuss this in the French forum… I do admit that sometimes I'm fed up of English ! :P

:mrgreen: KR