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Bug Reporting and Troubleshooting Guidelines

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 3:07 am
by marsh
Please observe the following guidelines before reporting what is believed to be a defect:

Discover where program settings are located. These are found in a plain text file named xnview.ini located in:

(1) The program's folder
(2) User's home folder
(3) Windows folder

Determine whether or not misconfigured options are the cause of problem by following these steps:
(1) Close program
(2) Rename xnview.ini to something else (xnview.bak)
(3) Restart program (new default settings will automatically be created)

Other common steps which help determine if a problem exists:
(1) Use the latest version of program
(2) Rebuild thumbnail cache

When describing how problem can be experienced by others, mention the version of operating system.

English is a secondary language for many visitors here. Because of this, providing screenshots can be useful (a service not provided by this BBS)- although a program addon has been recently added to send images to a web service.

Finally, the author occasionally asks for a problematic file to be provided. These are sent to the following address (shown in image form according to forum rules):


Often overlooked settings

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:42 pm
by marsh
Often overlooked settings:
Q: Why are files hidden by Options>Browser>File list still appearing?
A: There is a filter icon above thumbnail list which should be set to: "Custom".

Q: Why is memory use going up each time I open an image?
A: You might have tabs turned off without noticing the open images.
A2: Options>View>[x]Only one window view opened = view/edit one image at a time.

Q: Where is the thumbnail? It disappeared!
A: Options>General>Read/Write>[x]ignore read errors = Show thumbnail of incomplete or problem image.

Q: Why is empty space around thumbnail too large?
A: Options>Browser>Thumbnails>Appearance>[x]Create thumbnail from original image if embedded is smaller than thumbnail size = Show larger thumbnail if one built into file is too small. Rebuilding thumbnail cache (if used) is required to see this change.

Q: Where is the area selection function in fullscreen?
A: Options>General>Operations>Mode when starting with a file [Fullscreen - Edit] = When launching program from file manager, use fullscreen (editing) view.
A2: General>Keyboard/Mouse>Switching Modes>Use Enter to switch between [Browser > Fullscreen > Viewer] = Change from browser to fullscreen (editing) view.

Often reported problems

Posted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:25 am
by marsh
Often reported problems:
Program crashes with high memory usage.
Exceeding 2GB for a 32bit application is a common problem on any OS. Some freeze, fail, or do nothing at the limit. Related info: Memory Limits for Windows Releases
To avoid: Limit size and number of thumbnails created. Limit uncompressed size of files used.

Video (or audio) will not play.
To solve: Install codec required for the kind. Not all are built into an OS and none are built into player.

Re: Bug Reporting and Troubleshooting Guidelines

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:19 am
by marsh
Would a moderator (and/or volunteer) help revise and takeover this topic?
- I would like it to remain relevant in light of the most recent OS which I haven't followed closely. Thank you.