1.91.6: Web page creation (ctrl-G) UTF-8 problem ("ä&qu

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1.91.6: Web page creation (ctrl-G) UTF-8 problem ("ä&qu

Post by juhehe » Mon Nov 26, 2007 11:48 pm

I am having problems with filenames with ä (ä in HTML, %e4 URL-coded):
it appears to be UTF-8 -encoded also in URLs
(each "ä" below should be "%e4" in URLs,
and appear as "ä" in UTF-8-compatible programs):

<td class="thumbs">
<a href="original/
><img src="thumb/t_DSCF5025 Satu ja Samu 5 päivää ennen.jpg"
width="166" height="222" alt="DSCF5025 Satu ja Samu 5 päivää
ennen.jpg" title="DSCF5025 Satu ja Samu 5 päivää ennen.jpg">
DSCF5025 Satu ja Samu 5 päivää ennen 2007-11-15_22-50-16</td>

Yes, everything is fine when viewed locally, but via the web server non-7-bit-ASCII-things appear broken.

Also: "ä" is not shown correctly in browser (IE7 or Opera9) when in normal text, but I think that is a different problem than "ä" or "ä" in URL.

This URL-encoding-problem prevents viewing any thumbnails or images that have "ä" in original local filesystem filenames.

XPSP2, XnView with Finnish translation.

PS. I am also having problems with phpBB:
- Subject loses it's secong quote mark and closing parenthesis on each submit (they get replaced usually with "&qu" or "&am")
- preview shows everything fine

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Re: 1.91.6: Web page creation (ctrl-G) UTF-8 problem ("

Post by xnview » Tue Nov 27, 2007 1:19 pm

Could you contact me by pm, i would like to send you a test fixed version?

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Czech diacritic characters - corrupted

Post by JKr » Wed Jun 18, 2008 9:15 pm

Hello Pierre

Thank you for your great software. I have to tell you I meet similar troubles like forum user "juhehe", but with most czech diacritics.
The filename of the HTML files and also image links are now corruted (not shown images, not working page links).

Encoding of names (example: "space" character is replaced by "%20" ) caused error. HTML file - empty image area shown good image name (description title), but the image is not shown and the link for big image not working. The files in windows are well named, but the HTML encoding caused errors. The unencoded text show different characters.

In the old version 1.91.6 (i used till few hour ago) shows all images well, but links wrongly. The last released version and also the BETA1 is wrong in this way as I describe here.

good windows text: 000 ěščřžýáíéúůďťň

corrupted text: 000 ì&#154;èø&#158;ýáíéúùï?ò
(encoded and unencoded)

A Wish: If you will change this item. Please is it possible add feature for change of the filename for root HTML file = "thumb.html". Can you add such setting?

Thank you very much

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Post by Enmoku » Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:00 pm

Isn't this part of the missing unicode support issue?

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