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Add Text Alignment

Post by Sparktank »

I'm on WinXP using XnView 1.99 (June 4 2012) and having problems with the "Add text" feature.

After adding text the first time, every other time the text will always be aligned as Left.

The first few times I used Center and the decided to use Left and then Right afterwards.
However, the Right alignment failed to stick.

After selecting Right alignment for my text, the text would appear to be aligned Right while moving it around to the position I want but upon accepting the position, the text is pasted to the picture as Left.

First alignment: Center, successful with 3 texts added.
Second alignment: Left, successful with one texts added.
Third alignment: Right, unsuccessful in every attempt. :!:

I believe I've seen this happen several times before as early as v1.97.
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Re: Add Text Alignment

Post by xnview »

sorry but i can't reproduce, i have always the good alignment...
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Re: Add Text Alignment

Post by crossway »

I have the problem if I modify the batchjob to add text inisdie the picture with the eXIF data,that I change the text from black to red but the result is that the text added to the picture is still black and no change of the style format of the text.
Taht means I change it from courier to Times new roman or an other style wiht out success.

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Re: Add Text Alignment

Post by LeftyX »

Sparktank, I am having the same problem with v. 2.12 under Windows XP SP3: after entering a couple of text labels with Left alignment, I switched to Center, and the text shows as centered when I'm moving it, but it reverts to Left aligned when I place it. This happens even after I restart the program and try again. I also noticed that text does not always end up where you expect it to: if the mouse pointer is in the middle of the text, that's where the text should be placed, not at some offset from that. This is a good program, but could be better!