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Garbage text in localized folders in tree view

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:17 pm
by DfDf
The problem: localized folder names in tree view displayed incorrectly (without properly set language ID).

Most language-specific resources in XnView are localized via corresponding language dll located in "language" subfolder of XnView folder. For example, for russian language there is xnviewru.dll.
But. Main tree view with folders list is a dynamically generated control using SysTreeView32 control. This control should change it's language accordingly to user-selected language to display localized folders correctly at the time of creation.
I suggest the problem is the way RegisterClassEx is called for parent window class (XwinTreeClass). This call should be prepended with SetThreadLocale or/and SetThreadUILanguage call(s). This is only my suggestion.
Suggestion is based on the fact that 'Categories' view is also garbaged.
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