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2.39: Bug when moving images

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 5:13 pm
by uzernaam
When viewing an image, if the image is the first image that would appear in a list, after moving the image to a different folder, the current folder can no longer be browsed. The next image doesn't load and the software acts as if it is hung up or stuck. You must exit and reload that folder or the program itself to continue.

The bug is repeatable if you do this:

Load XnView
Browse to a folder with images
Select first image
View fullscreen
Hit Alt+m to move the image somewhere else
Hit page down, down arrow, or whatever to move to the next image. The next image will not show up and the program hangs.

This bug forces the user to make a mental note to never move the first image in a folder, otherwise the program will hang. You must go to the 2nd image or any thereafter before you start organizing a folder and moving images around.

Re: Bug when moving images

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 5:36 pm
by helmut
Thank you for registering to the XnView forum and your detailed bug report, uzernaam.

I've tried to reproduce the problem but without success. What does your step "View fullscreen" exactly mean? Direct switch to Fullscreen or first opening the image and then opening the fullscreen?

Re: Bug when moving images

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:09 pm
by uzernaam
"View Fullscreen" means to select one image, and then hit enter. The program will likely open that single image alone and almost fill the screen. If you hit the "f" key at this point, the image will then take up the entire screen and the menu and icons at the top and bottom will disappear.

So this is the fullscreen view of an image. If this is also the first image in the list and you hit alt+m to move it, you cannot then go to the next image in the list because I think the program tries to store the last image for quick retrieval but you just deleted it so it looks for it with no success and hangs. Just a guess...

Re: Bug when moving images

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:25 pm
by helmut
Thanks for your detailed explanation. There are two fullscreens which behave slightly differently, this is why I asked. I've tried several times with various settings but couldn't reproduce your problem.

The steps I took:

1. Start XnView
2. Browse folder A with three (or more) image files
3. Select first file with mouse click
4. Press "Enter" to open the selected image
5. Press "F" for opening the image in fullscreen.
6. Presse "Alt+M" for the "Move" dialog.
7. Choose a folder B (different from the current one) and press "Move" to move the file.
--> Second file in folder A is displayed in fullscreen. (as expected). Navigation to previous/next files using Page up/down works without problems.

- Does the program really hang? What happens if you press "Esc" or the right mouse button? Which path does the XnView browser display (source folder A or destination folder B)?
- On which Windows platform are you? I assume you use XnView 2.39, right?
- I've tried with default settings of XnView. Could you perhaps post your XnView settings (.ini) file, here?

Re: Bug when moving images

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:45 am
by XnTriq
What's the status (active/disabled) of the following settings, uzernaam?
  • Tools » Options...
    • General » File Operations
      • Go to next image when deleting current
    • View » Misc. » Cache
      • Read one image ahead
      • Keep current image in cache

Re: Bug when moving images

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:32 pm
by uzernaam
Yes, doing exactly what you described should make the error apparent.
I'm really surprised that not everyone else can reproduce it.
This behavior has existed for me as long as I can remember, even across different computers going back several years.
I'm not sure if the program "hangs" in a precise technical sense, but the program doesn't respond and I have to open task manager sometimes to close it and reopen.

As far as those settings go - for me, all three settings are checked. Maybe I'll play with them and see if the problem remains.

Re: Bug when moving images

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:56 pm
by uzernaam
Just tested it again...

Confirmed that the program freezes when moving the first image. Then I unchecked those boxes. The problem went away.

What's really strange now though is that if I recheck those boxes, exit and reload the program, now it's working perfectly - which is a behavior I have never seen before.

I have no idea what's happening now.

Re: Bug when moving images

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:45 pm
by XnTriq
There's another setting which could theoretically play into this:
  • Tools » Options... » Browser » Browser » Synchronise Browser selection with current View
Let's say Read one image ahead and Synchronise Browser selection with current View are activated. Depending on the status of Go to next image when deleting current, XnView has to switch the working directory, unload the next image in the source folder from the cache and load the next image in the destination folder into memory, when an image is moved to a different folder in view mode (Alt+M).