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Incorrect display of .hdr images

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:51 am
by funk
There is a preference in tools > options > general > read/write > read > hdri > gamma which is set to 2.2 by default.

This doesnt seem to be doing gamma correction, but something else instead. The image just appears brighter and more saturated.

If I set the HDRI gamma to 1.0, then use shift+e > gamma 2.2 to preview what it should look like, it looks correct.

I can also resave the image as openEXR in photoshop and xnview displays it correctly. So it seems there is a bug in the gamma preference for HDRI. The same problem occurs in xnview MP too.

Here is the test image used in my screenshots (Im using the 4k version)