CadSoft watermark on SVG files

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CadSoft watermark on SVG files

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Watermark on SVG files made in Inkscape

Post by Machine » Thu Jun 06, 2024 4:00 pm
I made an image in Inkscape which I copied to disk as an SVG file. When I viewed the SVG using XnView, it had placed over it from XnView a watermark saying I should purchase Cad image.dll from Cadsoft.

I tracked the source of this on XnView to INFO, PLUG-INS INFORMATION and then a window comes up displaying CadSoft.

I have seen this on XnView for many years. When sending the SVG file to another editor, the watermark does not also go along with the file. It only appears when using XnView to view files.

I love XnView, it is a superb image file manager :D