bug with generating thumbs in bg. and viewing images

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bug with generating thumbs in bg. and viewing images

Post by loth » Thu Mar 23, 2006 10:58 am

this, maybe, might be a solution/workaround for a bug already listed here, but by now, i didnt find it through the search, sorry folks.

-focus on a folder with a lot of pictures. (be sure, no thumbs (for the images inside the folder, not for the folder itself) have been generated before.)
-now, move into the folder by pressing ENTER and select (be very very fast) the fist or the second picture by pressing ENTER again, quickly. (while xnview starts the fullscreen-view (on my system) you should see some thumbs are generated simultaneously. the rest are generated in background while viewing the image.)
-now, while you view the current picture in fs and deleting it with pressing DEL (you could also skip to delete some files, pressing PAGE-DOWN), xnview goes to the next image and displays it in fs.
-if you continue this way viewing and deleting some pictures you will notice, that on one picture, xnview is not going to display the next picture, but the last one, you left over while deleting, or is quiting the fs-mode and goes back to browser mode. while in browsermode, you will notice, that there a some more pictures in the folder and wonder why xnview stops showing them.

this is the bug:
xnview doesnt count all images in the folder, but only the ones, thumbs have been generated for (+1, if i'm right).
so, if you are too fast viewing an image and xnview is generating the thumbs in background, you cannot view all the images in fs without this error/bug occours.

this took a long time to find out >:-)

if you cannot reproduce it, let me know, so i might include my xnview.ini, because i dont know if this relies on my settings.
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Post by Nelson » Wed Apr 05, 2006 3:07 pm

Yes, I can confirm it on WinXP SP2, XnView 1.82.4

The situation is that: if you are browsing (Thumbnails mode) a folder with lots of images in it, and those images aren't cached.
When caching is processing (the right bottom progress bar is running), and you double-click a image to switch to View mode:
  • If it is Viewer mode, everything goes fine. You can press End to jump to the last image in the folder.
    If it is Fullscreen mode, XnView behaves wrongly. If you press End, it jumps to the last image it cached, but not the last image in the folder.
I think it's a bug and can be reproduced easily.
Hope it can be fixed in the next build. :D

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