Microsoft Explorer: Tool for saving column display?

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Microsoft Explorer: Tool for saving column display?

Post by Peter2 » Fri Nov 28, 2008 9:02 am

In Microsoft Explorer it is possible to define the display of different columns in "Detail view": Owner, Exif-Data, keywords ...

But what's about saving "display modes"? For example I want to define a "Exif-Mode" which displays different exif-data; I want to define a "owner and time - mode" to diplay all time- and owner-Info and I want to display a "CAD-Mode" which displays CAD-Info. And I want to change quick and easy between these modes.

IMHO it is not possible to make this with Explorer - are there any tools which handle this topic?

Or are there any recommendations for handling the display-mode with REG-Files?


XnView 2.49.2 German, Win 10

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