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A ruler on the screen, une règle à l'écran ech1:1

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2016 11:13 pm
by oops66
A simple but useful tool ...
For Linux, Ubuntu:
A ScreenRuler will display a ruler on screen which allows you to measure the other objects that you've there, in scale 1:1
In French:
Afficher une règle à l'écran échelle 1:1:
calibrer le dpi écran, (screen ruler),
exemple, dans mon cas si dpi image = 72x72 dpi, et, ecran = 87x87dpi , alors j'ai une échelle de~ 1:1 , donc = zoom 100%
Image ... reenruler/

For Windows, in French (not tested): ... e_8814.htm

see here too: ... 42#p130442