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Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 1:55 pm
by nightflyer
Lesmo16 wrote:Wow, good to be informed about this impressive change!
Didn't you miss to mention, that the programmer did a fart last night?
Add to this the blatant advertising in the first post... :shock:

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 4:49 am
by ckit
xplorer2 pro v1.7.0.5 Released!
More minor fixes.

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 10:51 am
by ckit
xplorer2 lite v1.7.0.5 Released!
More minor fixes.

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:29 am
by ckit
xplorer² pro Unleashed!
Best Release ever :)

[] 14 February 08 ----------------

* right click "<<" symbol in pane titlebars to breadcrumb "My computer" (access root drives)
* ctrl+F2 allows to rename files and folders starting with a . (dot) eg .svn
* registry option rgbActiveBgcol (if defined) also provides background color for tree pane
* global registry option GAOPT_COLCALWAYS=8192 filename color coding applied on inactive views too
* mirror scrolling tries to keep the two views alinged (if they have same pane style), even with scrollbars
* registry key binFileOpFlags controls confirmations for file operations initiated by drag-drop or Paste
this is a boon for commands like Sync-o-Paste and MultiPaste
NOTE: requires windows XP or later
* Goto | Drop target browse the folder that accepted the last drag-drop operation
next best thing for "undoing" accidental drops, especially when moving items on the same partition
* [P] registry option nCopyThrottleMS optionally introduces a delay (milliseconds) in robust transfers so that your system resources aren't drained (but copy speed drops!)
* Middle mouse button over a folder pane opens new tab; if on a tab it closes said tab
* [P] Actions > Folder settings > Save includes custom grouping information (Arrange By > Show in groups) IFF the group is a named (saved) one under Customize menu
* webfolder/webdav access a bit more bearable (albeit at the expense of date/time information)
For best results access these folders from a shortcut NOT under "my network places" (http:// path in the addressbar)
* [P] color coding includes "italic" font style (note: either bold or italic, not both!)
* Command in Help menu allows turning the GUI translation (if any) from english <local> (Un)Comment to (un)comment out a selected block with adjustable comment lead string
Warning issued when attempting to load a large binary file
Partially aware of changes (saved) in the active document made outside editor²
TopMost command in system (corner) menu to pin it above other windows
keyboard-only command <alt> scrolls current line to the top of the window
* [P] various Organize dialogs (bookmarks, folder groups etc) allow selection of custom icon for menus and toolbars
defaults for bookmarks and user commands available; icons can be in DLLs or ICO files
* [P] Tools | Folder statistics loads in a separate thread so you can continue using the main window while it is gathering folder data
* support for Vista's symbolic links (Edit | Paste special menu), a cross between hard links and shortcuts
IMPORTANT: UAC blocks this command so you have to Run As administrator!
* Goto | Find target command and "Shortcut to" column are aware of junctions and symbolic links
* registry flag GAOPT_FOLLOWJUNCTIONS=4096 to treat junctions as normal folders for search, flatten etc
* various bugs fixed
* registry setting DPF_SHOW1TAB=65536 forces tab strip visibility even when only one tab is available
* global registry string "szAltBrowser" can contain path for browser executable other than the default internet explorer
* [P] robust transfer will not jump the queue if there's already an active copy operation
also more details are available for queued operations (Edit | Queue status)
* [P] improved loading speed for CIDA files; keyboard ESCapable too!
* GUI registry settings editor updated for all new registry settings above

New Experimental Download Server:

Posted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 1:26 pm
by ckit
xplorer² pro Released!
Very minor update.

Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 8:13 am
by ckit
xplorer² lite and pro Released!
Minor changes\update.

Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:46 am
by ckit
xplorer² Pro x86 and x64 v1.7.2.0 Released!
[] 23 November 08 ----------------

* [P] improved color coding performance (Customize menu) in large folders
* Added 48x48 program icon
* "Don't lock browsed folder" advanced option now allows easier folder deletion
* Full manual and help updated
* registry option FTCOPT_OPENSUBFOLDERS=64 (for binTreeOptions) tree expands branch of active node when synchronizing with the active folder
* user commands and those from the addressbar can be applied to ALL selected items if you use a double prompt e.g. >> or $$. Single prompt characters will apply the command only to the focused item as usual.
* installer asks you (via a checkbox in Additional Tasks page) whether to associate xplorer² with folders so it will open when you click on folders on your desktop etc. This does not include virtual folders like "recycle bin", "my computer" etc.
* [P] Global registry option nCustMenuIcons how many bookmarks, user commands etc that can be placed on toolbars (5-100)
* Settings editor modified to accept plain numbers as well as slider bar control
* [P] xplorer² registration information shared so you can have both 32/64 bit running on the same PC. The program settings are shared too.
* Mass rename wizard dialog made X-resizable
* editor² v2.9 with x64 compatibility and some bug fixes
* 64 bit compatibility; to download the separate 64 bit version see
* registry option GAOPT_NOMINIDUMP=16384 don't install crash handler and no minidump generated
otherwise in case of program crash %TEMP%\x2minidump.mdmp is written in the temp folder to aid remote debugging
* registry option DPF_NOMIDDLECLOSE=131072 middle/double click won't close tabs
* registry option GAOPT_NOCASCADEFRW=32768 don't open new frame windows cascaded (displaced bottom/right)
* [P] registry option GAOPT_IGNOREADSERR=65536, robust copy operations won't complain for file stream loss — use at own risk!
* registry option FTCOPT_SORTBYDATE=32 (for binTreeOptions) sorts tree nodes by date modified
* mass renamer removes illegal characters from filenames (e.g. those introduced by ID3 tags) for _underscores
* added environmental variable X2DIR=xplorer2 executable folder, useful for portable runs. You can set tool paths relative to xplorer2 and use them in custom user commands, e.g. %X2DIR%..\yourTool.exe $n (note backslash included)
* Actions > Export settings now writes instructions in REG file to remove old registry information first
* Going up folder (Goto > Up a level) always selects the folder you came out of
* /N command line switch makes xplorer² not read network and other slow folders on startup, in case they are unavailable
* middle mouse button toggles the selection status of the item under cursor, good for vista where sticky selection doesn't work. If you don't have middle mouse button just press left & right simultaneously or click the scrollwheel
* registry field nCodePage (under main key) adds custom code page in various text file encoding drop-down lists, e.g. a value of 1253 will add Greek codepage and you can search for greek text in plain text files easier.
* Documents without image preview get a large icon in thumbnail view, like windows explorer does it
* various bugfixes

Re: xplorer² Pro (Trial) and Lite (Freeware)

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:15 am
by ckit
xplorer² Pro x86 and x64 v1.7.2.4 Released!

[] 17 April 09 ----------------

* small but important bugfix for search text in files affecting non-english locales
* greek translation (finally!)

[] 26 February 09 ----------------

* added UndoFolderAssociation.REG file in the installation folder for people that want to undo folder association to xplorer² without uninstalling the program. See this page for more information: ... iation.htm

[] 6 January 09 ----------------

* find blacklist now supports wildcards, e.g. add "*.svn" under registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ZabaraKatranemia Plc\\Find Blacklist to exclude all folders with .svn in their name from <ctrl+F> searches. Separate multiple exclusion filters by commas.

[] 13 December 08 ----------------

* registry setting DPF_NOMENU=262144 hide main window menu bar. Issue commands through toolbars or keyboard shortcuts