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Old faithful Winamp

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2006 6:41 pm
by ckv
Winamp 5.2

Winamp 5.2 is released. It's nice to see that the quiet era in Winamp development seems to be over and the program is still getting improvements. About a year ago Winamp was near to die out, because lag of programmers, but now Winamp seems to be back on it's track, in spite of AOL and Winamp 3. :)

Whats new in Winamp 5.2:
  • New: [ml_pmp] Synchronize your Media Library with your portable media player
    Compatible with iPod, Creative, and Microsoft Plays For Sure devices
  • New: [enc_aacplus] Coding Technologies aacPlus (HE-AAC) in MP4 container
  • New: [enc_aacplus] Coding Technologies LC-AAC encoder
  • New: [gen_ml] icons in treeview
  • New: [ml_online] Dynamic AJAX Internet Media Hub
  • New: [in_mp3] gapless MP3 playback
  • New: [installer] multi-user profile options
  • New: [in_wave] in_wave 3.0
  • New: right-to-left playlist display
  • Improved: new ATF functions and tags
  • Fixed: m3u playlist handling security vulnerability (thanks to NSFOCUS and Information Risk Management Plc)
  • Fixed: [gen_ff] playlist & video focus bug
  • Fixed: [gen_ff] playlist winshade memory leak
  • Fixed: [gen_ff] GDI Object leak with Current Skin prefs page
  • Fixed: [in_midi] not following winamp's title formatting options
  • Fixed: [in_vorbis] registry usage (now multi-user profile safe)
  • Fixed: [vis_milk] 100% cpu usage when paused
  • Updated: [gen_jumpex] DrO's Jump To File Extension 0.97
  • Updated: [enc_lame] LAME 3.97b2
  • Updated: [gen_ff] libpng 1.2.8
  • Updated: [gen_ff] FreeType 2.1.10
  • Updated: [enc_aacplus] Coding Technologies aacPlus encoder v7.2.0a

See the full list on changes here.

Download Winamp 5.2

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 6:37 pm
by ckv
Winamp 5.2 is released. Biggest update since 5.0 :)

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 8:00 pm
by Drahken
Hmm... only thing that interests me in that long list of changes is the fact that they finally removed that damned 1k shoutcast limit that they added a while back. On the other hand, I simply removed the media library ages ago because it had become useless. Shoutcast was limited to 1k stations (only half of which were even useable since you couldn't pre-sort by bandwidth), their own radio was nothing but the crappy XM stations (don't know why they removed all the radio@aol ones). Since then I've been using shoutamp and the shoutcast site for shoutcast stations and spinamp for radio@aol ones.

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 9:04 pm
by ckv
Yeah the new shoutcast browser sucks big time, but that doesn't bother me. I rarely / never use it. Winamp is first of all a music player for me and not a semi web browser online radio/video player (cold shivers). But why remove media library? It's the best thing in Winamp, just don't install all the online stuff.

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 12:19 pm
by Drahken
The only thing I use the media library for IS the online stuff. I mainly use winamp for webradio (I love the fact that with the proper plugins, it can play any format I want, all in a single player). Since the online stuff in the media library is worthless, the entire media library is worthless to me. Additionally, there's a long-standing bug in the library which makes it open when you open certain other plugins (including shoutamp). Since I couldn't simply close the thing and have it stay closed, I removed it.