rc1: [minor] rename option After 'Save as', change filename

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Post by FlorianH » Sun Jan 15, 2006 6:33 pm

Olivier_G wrote:Except that JPEG lossless operations work directly from file by definition... all other operations work from image in memory.
After working a few more times with the option activated (my standard setting) and comparing the behaviour with other applications, i think the implemented behaviour (when option is activated) is okay. The hint from Xyzzy is right: Word keeps formatting and XnView keeps for example exif-metadata even if i saved as png (which doesn't support exif). And as noted by Oliver, jpeg lossless operations are a very special thing...
Olivier_G wrote:My opinion:
- The "standard" is to continue working on new file(-name) after 'save as'. It should also be the default behaviour.
- There seems to be a need for working on original file after 'save as', although I believe it should be handled through 'Undo's +'Recent files'. I would like to get an example where this option is really useful.
I agree, that working on new file(-name) should be standard behaviour. And you are right, that just switching to the original file in recent files list could make the option needless.

Sorry that i made so much trouble about the option, but the discussion helped me to better understand it :). As far as I'm concerned, the topic could be closed...

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Post by Dreamer » Mon Jan 16, 2006 1:37 am