merge images with semi-transparency for top image?

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merge images with semi-transparency for top image?

Post by badbob » Tue Aug 28, 2007 2:25 am

I want to overlay a single-color image block over another image and have the block be semi-transparent. Is this possible with nconvert? I do see setting for a transparent index, but I believe that is to pick a color that will be 100% transparent and not the <100% feature that I'm looking for.

Could I pre-create an image with the specific transparency that I want and then use nconvert to merge that image over another image and maintain the transparency? If yes, what image format would make this operation work? My base images are jpeg so I suspect I would need to convert my base images to something else like png or tga before to final convert back to jpeg/bmp.

My goal is to use sysinternal's bginfo to overlay text onto the wallpaper, but since the wallpaper's image may be too complex for the text to appear clearly, I want to overlay a semi-transparent block just underneath where I plan to put my text so the text is more visible.

My script workflow is this:
1. choose a random wallpaper image
2. use nconvert to overlay a semi-transparent block over wall image
3. apply wallpaper to pc
4. use bginfo to add text to the wallpaper

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