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NConvert downscale TIFF or LDF

Posted: Wed Jan 26, 2005 1:33 pm
by cyrilboyer

We would like to send images containing text to a third party, via internet.
Images are quite big, we acquired them from a scanner which has a minimal resolution of 200 dpi.
We scan images in 256 grey level, 200 dpi TIFF.
Image quality for us is just : 'I want to be able to read the text on the image'

As this resolution is more than enough for us, we downscale the TIFF using nconvert.

Then, we convert them to LDF, not using Nconvert because it has a strange way to manage the different layers, but using Luratech tools.

Problem is that edge detection is apparently far more difficult because lines are too thin with downscaled TIFF !

I tried to downscale the LDF using NConvert, but once again the layers management has some problems and resulting images only have one big layer, so size is quite big.

Would you have a solution to have better downscaled TIFF ? (is it better to use one algorithm instead of another, for instance) or a solution to downscale LDF ?

Thanks for your help