Extend NConvert with a custom format

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Re: Extend NConvert with a custom format

Post by Seneral »

Sorry for not being clear.
Theoretically any grayscale image (one component) or image which is visually grayscale (R,G and B components but R=G=B). It'd be no specific format, but in my use case PNG. Bits per component reach from 8Bit over 16Bit and 24Bit to 32Bit.
So for example I have a 24Bit PNG, a 16Bit PNG and 32Bit PNG... With the above conditions they are grayscale.

Destination format is a 8, 16, 24 or 32Bit RAW format as previously described. This definitely has only one component (grayscale).

It obviously wouldn't make sense to convert 8Bit to 16Bit or anything like that because it would effectively still be 8Bit;)
If possible then a conversion from Destination (RAW) to Source (any format) would be really useful, too:)
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Re: Extend NConvert with a custom format

Post by Seneral »

Any updates? Or should I search for a different way?
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Re: Extend NConvert with a custom format

Post by StarCmd »

[EDIT] I found a solution : try https://imagej.nih.gov/ij/index.html [/EDIT]


I am in need for the same purpose : build raw 16/32 bits grayscale image for Unity Heightmap.
As a Mac user with an old photoshop version, i can't export to RAW format. So I can't build my world !
Mac is able to read RAW ; Preview is able to do so for example. But none of them allow to "save as" or "export".
I could't find out how to use GIMP and UFraw plugins. It seem we need to recompile UFRaw and this is far beyond my knowledge.

XnConverter seem to be the GREAT tool we need.
Seneral wrote:... But, windows and some other operating system treat kilobytes as 1024 bytes rather than 1000 (see wikipedia)...
Not sure about what Seneral tried to explained but here are 2 images that may illustrate the problem :

First I create a 16 bits grayscale image with photoshop and save it as PSD

Then I XnConvert it to RAW format. There is no options.
When I try to open it with Photoshop I can't choose 16 bits.

If I choose 8 bits, Photoshop open the XnConverted file. We lost 8 bits/pixel resolution :(
The XnConvert exported RAW file work fine with Unity Terrain Heightmap, thought 8 bits isn't enough.

Hope you may add few options with the RAW export.
(There is also a Byte Order option with Mac/PC support)

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